Our Services for Buyers


VR understands that Buyers are on a quest for business opportunities that can provide them with the security, financial independence and the peace of mind that comes from the ability to control their own destiny. VR Business Intermediaries are dedicated to assisting those buyers by making the widest range of services available inclusive of:

  • Providing a Diversity of Information
    Before you can buy a business you must first find a business worthy of consideration. VR maintains the largest world-wide inventory of viable businesses for sale and provides every client with access to this proprietary database.
  • Targeting the Right Business
    The Intermediaries at VR have extensive training in assisting buyers to match their interests, goals and desires to precisely the business best suited to their needs and goals.
  • Configuring the Proper Transaction
    VR's Intermediaries are well versed in the art of negotiation and use their training, expertise, knowledge and experience to structure every sales transaction to accomplish the smoothest ownership transition possible.
  • Covering All the Bases
    VR has created a definitive support system designed to closely follow every ownership transition from beginning to end, in order to provide each client with a true sense of confidence in the process.
  • Attending to the Details
    The quote that "the deal is in the details" is a truism and challenge that every VR Intermediary is trained to meet. The proper management of all documentation is of utmost importance and is implemented with the same accuracy and precision that an investment bank would exercise.
  • Finding Flexible Finance Opportunities
    When it becomes necessary for a Buyer to seek and obtain alternative financing, VR Intermediaries are well versed in identifying the financial options that are best suited to your particular needs.

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